It is important to have your school, medical office, gym or facility looking its best. Having a clean, well-kept facility will make your business look polished and will promote a healthy and safe environment for staff and customers. You should be able to rely on your professional commercial cleaning service providers to meet your expectations and provide what is promised. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. You should not have to worry whether the job will be done right or if they will even show up on time.  

If your current commercial cleaning service provider is missing one of the following, then it may be time to switch to a new commercial cleaning company. 


Are there times when you come to work and realize that areas that are supposed to have been cleaned are not cleaned properly? Do you find yourself having to perform extra cleaning duties that should have been completed by the commercial cleaning service provider? 


Do you have trouble reaching your commercial cleaning service provider? Do you find it hard to adjust your current services? Do you struggle to find the right solution to meet the needs of your workplace? 


Do you feel that your commercial cleaning contract’s costs and service level agreements are being met? Is your current service provider living up to their commitment to you? 

Additional Services 

Are there times when your workplace needs a deep cleaning and disinfection service, a carpet cleaning, specialty repair and maintenance services – HVAC, electrical, plumbing, painting, parking lot maintenance, etc.? Do you wish that your current commercial cleaning company offered additional services so that you can just work with one trusted point of contact for all service provider needs? 

System4 Facilities Services Management is an industry leader in commercial cleaning, disinfecting, repair, and maintenance services. We create customized solutions to meet any facility type. System4 is a one-point-of-contact for all facility service provider needs. System4 offers consistency, communication, commitment, and numerous interior and exterior services. We will help you focus on what matters the most – the business. 

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Jose Castillo

System4 of San Joaquin Valley

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